June 21, 2018


I turned 47 a couple of days ago. I barely noticed it was my birthday – too busy booking, promoting, rehearsing, getting the van repaired, and everything else necessary for the solo DIY tour of my magic show that begins in two weeks.

Yeah, I’m 47. Yeah, I’m a professional magician, and as is pointed out almost every time I’m introduced in a show, I’m female. Yeah, I’m about to tour in good old punk rock style, doing everything including the driving myself, taking my show to a bizarre assortment of independent venues around the country. Yeah, this is kind of nuts.

People who hear I’m doing this keep saying, “You have to blog it”. So here it is – the beginning of the account of this ridiculous adventure.

Why am I doing this tour? Two reasons: first, I want to perform and travel more than anything else in life. And second, because I’m tired of waiting for the right circumstances. I’ve realized that if I keep waiting for the right producer, the right finances, other performers who are crazy enough to drop everything and hit the road with me, it’ll never happen. So no matter how unfeasible this may seem, I’m doing this, and I’m doing it now.

Tour starts July 5 (you can see the schedule at http://www.tanyasolomon.net/summer-tour-2018), but first I’m doing two kickoff shows in Brooklyn this weekend at Cloud City – more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/163025054551726/